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The Jet Boat Ride

It was only our second day in New Zealand. We were exploring the Bay of Islands area and had lunch in Paihia. We noticed people gathering and putting on some sort of uniform by the waterside. On investigation they were preparing for a trip across the bay to the 'Hole in the Rock' on a jet boat.

We decided to join them. We paid up, were kitted out in waterproofs, goggles and life jackets, left all our gear - apart from Pete's camera - even arranged for more money to be put on the car parking ticket while we were away. The people were really friendly and helpful. We had our safety instruction and headed off to the boat, Mack Attack, having our photo taken in all the gear at the top of the quay with the boat in the background.

We found a good place in the boat, right at the front, so had uninterrupted views. It was great fun - very high speed across the bay with surf soaring back behind us. jet boatWe went right through the hole in the rock to the envy of the trippers on larger boats. We circled the islands, viewing the sheer cliffs and the lighthouse. We went inside a cave getting near the roof and sides as we oscillated with the waves and were dripped on from the roof. We even found ourselves in the centre of a school of dolphins on the way back.

It was a good trip, fun and fast, a pity that the sun didn't shine but we really enjoyed the experience.

Jane Grenfell 2003

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