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Over the past six years I have travelled long term through Australia, Mexico, North America, Spain, Ireland and South America. I quit my day job in electronics and went to Australia for six months. This sparked off a travel bug, which doesn’t look as though it will go away. A few years ago I started working on a series of books charting my adventures in these countries. They tell of my experiences and of the colourful characters I met along the way. The reason I started writing these books was to show people just how much fun and adventurous travelling can be, and how it is not as dangerous as many might perceive. I also wanted to show that travelling alone need not be as lonely as you might think. These books are a perfect example of that. As well as books I write articles for my website and for the occasional magazine. I do my own photography and publish my own books, and am always looking for work that will let me travel. My next adventure will be to walk 300 miles across Ireland for charity. You can find details of all this on my website ;