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My husband and I recently left the corporate world of cubicles and endless meetings to start our own travel writing and photography business, KG Imagery. I was born to Greek immigrants and raised in Gary, Indiana, then moved to the Sacramento, California area in the early 70’s.

We recently moved from our home of 30 years in the city of Citrus Heights, a bustling Sacramento suburb, population 85,000, to the tiny hamlet of Michigan Bluff in the Sierra Nevada and Tahoe National Forest, population less than 100.

Although our main focus is on Greece, and particularly Lesvos, our travels include such diverse locations as Austin TX, San Diego and the Channel Islands, HumeVA, Naples FL, Australia, Tahiti and Bora Bora, and the islands of Truk and Yap in Micronesia. We are also planning future trips to the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands to visit more family and friends. Due to my knowledge of the Greek language, part of our business will be to act as “Travel Facilitators,” accompanying other Americans on annual visits to Greece.