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Born in Britain in 1979, I moved to Strasbourg, France at the age of 7, where I attended the International School. I then went on to study psychology in Innsbruck, Austria, and completed my studies in Paris. My interest in Latin America was first awakened in Austria of all places, where (oddly enough!) I ended up mingling with a lot of Mexicans. After completing my studies, I spent a year working for local NGOs in Guatemala and in Yucatán, Mexico, which also gave me the chance to travel extensively in the area. Travelling and living abroad provide unique opportunities to learn new languages, discover new cultures and interact with people of different nationalities and social backgrounds, as well as confronting one’s fears and generally broadening one’s outlook. Sharing travel-experiences with others strikes me as equally important, which is why I am contributing to Travellers Impressions I hope you enjoy my stories.

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