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I was born in Denmark in 1981, but since then have travelled the world, living at the most 3 years in one place. I have lived in Canada, England, Saudi-Arabia, Mozambique, Nepal, Denmark, Kenya and now Australia. The reason for this is due to my mother's work as the Consul for the Danish Embassy and my father's work in the oil business. I believe that travelling so much has given me the ability to adapt easily to new surroundings and to understand different cultures and people. It has made me strong and mature beyond my years, and for this I am very grateful. I do realise that I have been very priviledged to be able to see so much. This is what inspires me to write. I can only wish for other people, the chance to understand what I have seen and what the world has to offer. Nepal is the most incredible country I have been to and until now, I have set foot in 32 different countries. That is why the political situation there makes my heart sink, as I know that there is truly no other place more spectacular than Nepal. ;